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Share work equipment or perks
with your colleagues

If you have equipment that people need to share, we can help you manage it!
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It Is Extremely Simple

Nearby works seamlessly
on big and small screens


See what are the usual problems of people seeking Nearby 😉

If you can relate to at least one of those then we might help...
I love hightech gadgets like drones but they are quite expensive and you only need them occasionally.
Office Manager
We wanted to offer some benefits and having gadgets that people could share would be nice.
We have a VR set in the office that people could share but we managing it in spreadsheets was painful.
Something as a drone is relatively cheap for the office and great benefit for the employees.


Employees can simply reserve stuff

The items module can be used for all sorts of stuff that employees can share. Whether its camera, drone or time in the game room... generally anything you can imagine.
Share any nonessential stuff among your employees
Possible to include checkin / checkout steps
Nearby Reservation Detail

Control items

Admins have a full control

Office managers, facility managers or reception can still see what is happening. They can setup how stuff are distributed among employees. Once setup - it can be automated to save time of everyone.
Relatively cheap gadget can be a valuable benefit
Make sure that things are returned in original condition
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Company will see all the important metrics

Knowing what people like will help you make happier employees. Maybe a simple drone which people can take home for the weekend can send a strong message that you care. And with data about the usage you will know if you might need to have more than one.
Get all the important data
See who reserves what and make sharing fair
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What makes us better

We are listening! These are our favourite features we have implemented based on your feedback...

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Slack Integration
No need to force your employees into installing another app - they can reserve via Slack
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Nice Benefits
Company can purchase couple of cool gadgets which people can share and be happy
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Custom Allocations
We have multiple options for how to fairly distribute stuff among your employees
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Users can easily log in any issues when they start or end their reservation
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Freemium model
You can try Nearby for 6 months for free or you can use it for less than 10 items for free forever...
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We take & IT data security very seriously and happy to walk your IT department through it
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Simple Onboarding
Use our video onboarding tutorial or setup a call with us...  either way, it is really easy to start
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Speed of Light
Our app is simple but sophisticated and we are still improving the experience
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Calendar Sync
Get all your reservation in calendar so users don’t forget and so they can easily access and cancel
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Always on-hand
Nearby can be accessed from your laptops and mobile devices as well
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Our help doesn’t end with the setup - we are here to help all the way to make sure you are happy
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We can help you connecting Nearby to your HR software or on premises hardware

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We offer various pricing models to fit all company types and sizes

It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 parking spaces or 500... we can help! 😉
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up to 10 items
Dedicated space
Parking management
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up to 50 items
8€ / SPACE
All previous
API Access
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more than 50 items
Dedicated space
Parking management
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All in one solution

All in one solution to reserve things in your office

Parking spaces, company cars, hot desks or equipment...
Office Parking
Make the most out of your existing parking spaces while giving your employees simple way how to reserve or share.
More about parking
Fleet Cars
Manage your cars in the most efficient way with simple reservations and checkin - checkout process.
More about cars
Hot Desks
When you have less desks than employees we give you the best way to let employees reserve their desk and be productive.
More about desks
Might be a camera, drone or time in the game room what your colleagues want - we help you manage those.
More about items

Are you looking for a platform that you could use to share parking among neighbors?

Nearby for neighbors works as an Airbnb for parking space but only among neighbors who already have access to the garage. You can safely share your parking spot or you can use a spot of your neighbor when you have visitors coming. Isn’t that great? 😎

Learn more about Nearby for Communities
Frequently asked questions

Some things that might be on your mind

How are the parking spaces, desks or cars distributed among colleagues?
You can choose from multiple allocation models - (A) First come first served, (B) Credit system, (C) Employees pay for parking. It all depends on your company culture and balance of your supply vs. demand... We can help you decide on what is the best for you.
Are there any limitations in the Starter plan?
Nope... well almost none. The limitation is that you can have only 10 parking spaces, desks, cars, gadgets (combined). However, in general we want to provide the full experience. We have a good motivation - we hope you will love it and once you grow your office and headcount we want to be your first choice. No hidden fees or sketchy services!
Are there any costs connected to the implementation?
Generally not. The only extra costs may be needed for custom integrations but those can be typically decided after the testing, once you are satisfied with the core product.
Is an hardware required?
Potentially could be, but 99% of use cases work without any sensors or any other hardware. People are often skeptical about having only software solution and if this is something your are also not sure about, we are happy to explain and discuss similar use cases we have seen. Generally - hardware makes it much more expensive with little or no benefits.
Can I have multiple groups of users with different rights?
Whether it is parking, desks or cars you can setup different sorts of user groups. For example, you can have people with dedicated parking spot and people who need to reserve in advance. Other option is that you can have people who can book far into the future and people who can only book couple of days up-front (meaning only when the prioritised group doesn’t fill all the available spots). We are happy to jump on a call and help you find the best system for you.

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