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Share parking space when not used or rent additional one

Helping neighbors to share their parking spaces by hours, days or even a long-term. Find out if we are not already in your building...
Not sure if this is for you? Do you have a private parking space in apartment building? Then (most definitely) yes! 😉
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Are you looking for a simple yet powerful reservation tool for your office?

Does your company have parking spaces, cars, hot desks or gadgets you would like to manage more efficiently? A lot of things can be utilised and enjoyed more via simple sharing...
Try Nearby, it might be a great fit for your company! 😉

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Who are the people the people using Nearby Community?

If you can relate to at least one of those then we might help...
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Friend, Son, Parent
When I have a friends comming for dinner, parents over weekend or nanny - I can simply rent a parking space from my neighbors.
Persona 2
Colleague and Neighbour
I own parking space at our building and rent one near my work. When I don’t need either of them I can share it and earn extra money.
Persona 3
I am often traveling on business by car - now I can rent my parking space at home to the neighbours whenever I don’t need it.
Persona 1
Daily Commuter
I am leaving for the office every morning at 8 am and coming back at 6 pm. I can rent out my parking space during this time.
Nearby Community Parking

Neighbours (and their guests) only

Dynamic parking reservation system = we are Airbnb for parking spaces among neighbours

Only neighbours and people who already have the access into your garage or parking lot can reserve and share parking spaces. We are not integrated into your gate systems so nobody from the outside gets in and you will still need to open it for your guests.
Only for neighbours - no uninvited guests
No need for any entrance integration
All is just a few click from your phone or laptop
Sharing is caring...
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Rent extra space

Reserve additional parking space in your apartment garage

From time to time you might need an additional parking space... Or you might even need it permanently. You can now simply rent it from your neighbours by hours, days, months or even longterm. And no need to force your guests cruising around your neighbourhood to search for empty parking space which they would need to pay anyway.
Rent space by hours, days... or longterm
Get parking space for your guests, nanny, parents...
Reservation with just a few clicks
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Nearby Community Your Space
Nearby Community Money

Earn extra money

You can earn extra money when your are not using your parking space

Whenever you drive your car from your parking space, you can be earning extra money by renting it to your neighbours. It can be during your trip to work, weekend trip to mountains, road trip around the continent or you don’t even have a car.
Making extra money renting your vacant space
Set it automatically or reply for reservation request
Payments get automatically transfer to your account
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Starting is easy

No upfront cost - no entrance integrations

Starting up new community is simple and there are no fees connected to it. There just need to be a couple of neighbours who wants to reserve and share their parking spaces.
Sharing is within neighbours - no entrance integration is needed
No upfront cost or expanses
Sharing with Nearby is secure
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Nearby Community Secure

Why to start with nearby

There are many use-cases when Nearby can help you...

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Parking by hours
When a friend, plumber or nanny needs to park in your building, you can rent a parking space for them  from your neighbour
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Parking by days
When parents or friend are coming for a weekend you can rent a parking space from your neighbour who just might be on vacation
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Longterm Parking
When looking for a parking for your second car or motorcycle you can rent it from a neighbour who is not using their parking space
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...and Secure
Nearby won’t let anyone from outside your community into your complex and all payments are secured through us
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Interested to know more?

Nearby might be in your building and you are missing out...

See if your community is already in Nearby and start booking and sharing your parking space with your neighbours... Join BETA and get 1 Day Free Parking!

If you have any question you can send them our way 😉

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Our Stories

Do you want to know more?

Find out what happened, what is happening and what is going to happen... on our blog page.
January 24, 2023
The Benefits of Using a Reservation Tool for Office Resources
As a business, one of the most important things you can do to stay competitive and efficient is to make the most of the resources you have. This includes everything from office space to parking spots to fleet cars. One of the best ways to do this is by using a reservation tool to manage and share these resources among your employees.
April 12, 2022
Improving utilization of parking spaces
The idea is simple, yet powerful. It could be a game-changer for parking worldwide: make parking available to more people without creating any new parking spaces. To achieve this, we created a parking reservation and management system that significantly increases the utilization of parking spaces.

What is our mission?

We are trying to fill garage spaces and get cars out of parking on the streets

Hybrid modes changed how we live and work. Some people don’t drive to the office every day... some moved farther away from the city. Parking garage occupancy become less predictable than ever before. For the same reason you might not need an office that accommodate all your colleagues - only to know who comes when and allow them to reserve a spot in the office.
And thats one of the reasons we created Nearby - we want to help companies maximise the utilisation of their garages and move as many cars as we can out the street parking. We want to help you with having the right amount of office space to save money. And right amount of cars that aren’t just sitting at the parking lot. It all comes together...
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